Eric Combs, is retired from the United States Air Force where he served as a tactical trainer and leader for an elite hostage rescue/counter-terrorism team. After graduating from the Troops to Teachers program he became Teacher of the Year for Ohio and award winning administrator. He is an outstanding, nationally recognized educator, presenter and author on school safety and security.  Scroll down to learn more about educator, author, speaker and national trainer Eric Combs.

Bring our team to your campus for customized assessment and training opportunities to meet the unique needs of your campus and your team.

Three program options include:


Our team will come to your campus to determine physical and operational security aspects, methods, procedures and terrain association.  This extensive assessment will create a safety and security profile with recommendations for your school to implement. This assessment includes:

  • Onsite survey with video and images
  • Terrain feature survey for evacuation routes
  • Drone imagery (weather permitting)
  • Assessment of current procedures
  • Recommendations for further procedures to increase security signature


This can be from ½ to a full day of training for the entire staff which will include:

  • Emergency simulations
  • Active shooter protocols and response
  • Bomb threat response
  • Evacuations for both active shooter and fire
  • Shelter-In Place Operations
  • Stand To, Modified and Full Lockdowns


This option provides your security team with intensive training so they can continue to review and assess potential threats and create your own responses to emerging situations.  Specifically your team will learn:

  • SASQ Method of Threat Assessment and Evaluation
  • Development of Harbor Points
  • Establishing communication protocols for emergencies
  • Establishing Relationships with local first responders
  • Prepare protocols and SOPs for emergency operations and Recovery operations after an event

We will work with you to customize the program according to your specific needs.  As we know, each school will have its own set of limitations, potential threats and ability to react to them.  With this three-pronged approach we help schools intelligently and systematically identify what are potential threats and develop onsite protocols and habits to help eliminate or mitigate them. 

Bring Eric to your location in a cost-effective way. We will make it easy to coordinate your on-site training with the dates of your choice. We guarantee your full satisfaction from the time you contact us to the day of your training. 

About Eric

Eric Combs has been honored four times in Who’s Who among American Teachers and is the 2006 Ohio Teacher of the Year. Eric is retired from the United States Air Force. During his 20 year career, he served as Security Forces Superintendent and special tactics instructor. He was the 1992 Non-commissioned Officer of the Year for USAF in Europe and served as a tactical evaluator and trainer with the British Special Air Service. He taught Social Studies with the Troops to Teachers Program in a school within a school program. This program was designed to help 9th grade at-risk students adapt to high school life and improve their academic skills. He has taught courses on economics, government, as well as ancient and modern European history.

Eric is an adjunct professor at Wright State University College of Education and Antioch University Midwest Graduate School of Education. He is also an instructor for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness. Eric specializes in classroom management, student motivation and engagement, lesson planning, dealing with at-risk students and teacher leader programs. Eric has presented for the U.S. Department of Defense, various State Departments of Education, ETS Council on Teacher Leaders, NASDTEC, NAAC, veterans groups and school districts throughout the U.S. and Canada. He is also the author of Time to Teach: Engagement & Motivation in Every Classroom, Mission Critical: A Veteran’s Tour of Duty Inside Public Education, and his newest release, Safety and Security Habits for Educators: Common sense strategies for personal and classroom safety.