Successfully Responding to Challenges

Classroom Management Benefits for Teachers

  • Teachers will learn how to keep a keen and calm mental set for classroom management.  They will learn how to “read the room” and swiftly, positively, and gracefully nullify challenges and see and take the right course of action when challenged, while appearing “confident and comforting” to their pupils.
  • Teachers will learn how to properly arrange and design the classroom environment.  They will learn the “Teaching Power Position” and understand where you should and should not be, and how to eliminate positions in the classroom where students will successfully challenge them, as well as learn how to keep their students visually focused on top classroom priorities.
  • Teachers will learn how to teach-to and enforce rules and procedures and transform “unsocialized” kids into top classroom performers, and teach students how to peacefully coexist in their classroom.
  • Teachers will learn how to firmly but fairly carry out disciplinary actions.  They will learn how to stop letting minor and major challenges overrun important teaching time, start teaching every student with confidence and success, stop letting minor discipline issues side-track important lessons and handle nearly any classroom situation that arises.

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