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Episode #115: Jillian DuBois

Episode #115: Jillian DuBois (podbean.com)

Jillian DuBois serves as an elementary educator in Clearwater, FL. She has been in the field of education for two decades. She is the recently published author and illustrator of “Liv’s Seashells” and “Road to Awesome: A Journey for Kids”, “Look at YOU, Piper Lou!”, and is the Optimistic Originator of Imparted Joy LLC.

Jillian’s journey continues to bring much fulfillment as she thrives on building authentic relationships with her students and guiding their curiosity and wonder. She uses her voice to foster hope for student equity and empathy. Her passion is to initiate and infuse joy to those in education by focusing efforts on listening, serving, and growing alongside colleagues and friends. Each day is a FRESH opportunity to listen, be slow to criticize, and quick to empathize. Keep dancing and dreaming with JOY.

Trenches story: It’s about her personal journey into and through education. Started 30 yrs ago. Everything weaves together, story behind story, she loved school, wanted kids, couldn’t have her own kids, went thru infertility. Felt like a failure. Asked self “why”. Led them to adopt a newborn. Stayed home till he was in K. She volunteered in his CR. She went from ophthalmology to teaching.  Was in cafeteria, sped para, son has dyslexia. Learned a lot from that aspect. Started out 20 yrs. ago. Took 15 hours online and was granted her certification. Found job in the school she was working in as para. Didn’t have internship, real training, etc.  Didn’t know growth mindset. Looked back several yrs later & saw was authoritarian. Worked until he was in 8th gr. Son was “treading water”. Kept plodding along. It was start of her growth mindset transformation. Son was a case study. He has ADHD, dyslexia. Decided to homeschool him. Did this for 5 yrs. Learned that learning isn’t traditional. He was relieved to homeschool. Became mountain experience, not just a trench. Son never sat longer than 15 m at a time. Learned that “learning is learning”. He learned equine anatomy. Had homeschool co-op. Was a changed teacher when went back into the classroom. Wanted to know her kids. Was empathetic. Listened more than she spoke. So much pressure to finish the curriculum. only ⅕ of standards are endurance standards. Her book writing is expression of the joy that she’s learned through all of this.  Going beyond perfect. Perfectionism discourages others. We want to provide trench experiences for others, build them up. Now teaches 2nd grade- has been for the past 6 years. Key, foundational year.  Neat to watch them read. 

You published Liv’s Seashells in December 2020.Talk about your journey to writing your children’s book. What are your other children’s books about? The others are Road to Awesome, journey for kids” & “Look at your Pepper LU” (about a dog). All are similar in that they convey the message of acceptance and hope. She maybe available for being a guest author for a virtual read-aloud or author study. As an ELA teacher, it’s ingrained in us to deliver good books to kids. When she does virtual read-alouds for classes, she asks if they’ve gotten stuck. You write about what’s important to you. It can be related to trips, family experiences.  Process came during the pandemic. Road to Awesome, journey for kids is about finding your own path. She read Darrin’s book with the same title for adults and learned how you could tailor it to kids. They have diff experiences they’d have in their lives. You’ll take faith, trust, patience, grace, and flexibility on your journey.

Talk about how ImpartEDJoy was born (January 2021): started using the # on twitter chats. No one else used that for a website. Her LLC has evolved, she has published 2 books under it and will publish/illustrate with other authors. She can schedule a session with upcoming authors who want to be successful. Right now it’s for publishing children’s books. It’s her niche. 

What kind of tidbits do you offer on your “Moments of ImpartEd joy” podcast? (less than 5 m tidbits). They are all little moments that she has to reflect and take & learn from. Most are recorded in the school parking lot thinking about what her day is going to look like. Shares something she wants to share then & there. Loves to tell stories. UTI/TMI and the meteor shower of thoughts that come into our heads. Having the awareness that thoughts come into her head. She will present & share, will also think “how did I learn from that”? She wants to be light. You hear from others they’re having those same thoughts. She wants to add that the connections we’re making are so important. She is a huge introvert. Hates getting out & going places but she isn’t shy doing chats on zoom. You don’t have to force it. Therefore she started with her “teeny, tiny” podcast. IT’s her responsibility, not her responsibility. Episodes are about finding the joy when you step back and what you can change. On anchor/Spotify.

Key quotes: “the more we give ourselves daily affirmations, permission to be that joy, give grace, our emotional health will be better”. She struggles with anxiety, depression, but you need to remember you’re worthy.

Find Jillian online on Twitter: @JillDuBois22     Insta: jilliande  FB: jilliandee

Web: www.impartedjoy.com  www.jilliandubois.com

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Episode #116: Dr. Frank Buck


Frank Buck helps busy professionals achieve their goals through organization and time management. He is a veteran school administrator, speaker, author of three books, blogger, and life-long learner. Most of all, he has shown countless professionals an easier way to work. Through his workshops, books, and coaching, Dr. Buck shares these secrets with leaders all across the United States and internationally. Attendees love the blend of content and humor. They especially love how practical and easy it can be to get organized. Dr. Buck’s latest book, the 2nd edition of Get Organized!: Time Management for School Leaders presents a total system which is applicable to leaders from all walks of life. “Global Gurus Top 30” named Dr. Buck #1 in the time management for 2019, 2020, and 2021. To learn more, visit FrankBuck.org.

Out of the trenches story: First few weeks as a teacher. He was hired in the middle of the year. Junior HS of 1200 students. Was handed keys Sunday evening. Was jumping on a moving train as a band director taking them to contest in February when he started in January. Hadn’t even picked out the music. 1 week into the career there was a snow storm. School was closed for a week. He made it to school and worked and planned. He could talk about the to-do’s reserving a facility. Keeping up with all those little things. He wasn’t prepared for all the little steps. Once you hammer out the steps once, the next time, it’s using the same steps. School is probably the most cyclic business in the world. All at the same time every year. Principal didn’t say to Frank how he was there every day. Segways into organization, time management. You’re alone as a band director doing all those things. Every good thing we do happens thru the dimension of time. When he was principal, he asked teachers to record themselves teaching. He did so as band director. You’ll find verbal ticks, teaching to one side of the room rather than the other. 

You have a new book coming out- how is the 2nd edition different than the first? Lesson he learned was about Blackberry synched to Outlook. Not so relevant now. Isn’t mentioning in this edition. It’s about how to get your desk clean. File folders representing the day of the month. 7 things to look for when choosing a digital task list. You earn the right to forget about it. How to work from a clean desk. Chapter 3 is about repeating tasks with examples. Ch. 4 is about getting your email empty & documentation so it’s easy enough you’ll actually do it. Organizing digital files, folders. Managing multiple projects. 

Delegating tasks-you need to understand how things work together during diff times at the year. He found out you start having repeating tasks. You start to make better choices about what you could delegate. Students could do it! Give people a stake in the program. “My school is depending on me to do this task”.

He thinks his new book will be out in December. New book is called “Get organized digitally” as opposed to “Get organized, time management for school leaders”, which is his first book. Talks about specific tools you use every day. Users manual for principal, superintendent, to make tech easier to use. We’re all overwhelmed. His is the real nuts & bots starting with the desk. Here is a method to organize digitally. His current book 2nd edition he tries to stay general about tools, strategies and principals that are eternal. The new book. The publisher asked him to do a new book relevant to the pandemic, working from home. Digital task list. URLs he recommends. Talks about Evernote. People will come back to the step-by-step of how to use the tool for beginners. Doesn’t talk about repertoire but Evernote. Talks about using that as principal, this is aimed at school leader, instructional coach, applicable to aspiring school admin. 

What was hardest to move to digitally when pandemic hit for many? LMS’s & efficient ways to communicate with each other. People started to use a digital calendar. People would get the calendar invite. Digital task list, getting your email empty. Getting google drive cleaned up. He saw this in a principal FB group. People said “bring in someone to do it for you”. Put everything in a folder. You may also see the things you forgot you had. Things work easily together. Doc- may need it next week. How will you remember you wanted to use it. Take the URL, go to your digital task list, paste the link into the digital task. Every gmail message has it’s own URL, copy link for it for task list. Place things you want to grab readily. What do you do about the “shared with me”? Could be a project that could start with just creating 1 folder. Little by little over the course of the next weeks, months, moving little by little. He teaches about delegation, getting it all in front of you and finding out what is too much for one person to handle. He can have xyz person do this. Input has always been Achilles heel of digital devises. Voice recognition is great now. Can do it by speaking into your phone.

Evernote: It’s like describing a spiral staircase. Grabs info as opposed to a doc. IT’s like having organized notecards. Easy to search, easy to add things to. Use camera differently.  You can hit Evernote camera app, add audio recording. Type info about what you saw. He devotes 2 chapter to Evernote in his book. Examples of how to use it as a principal, teacher, in life in general. 

He does workshops for principals. What kind of school are you working with in the fall? Retired from public ed in 2009. Has travelled all around speaking about this system. He does a weekly newspaper column in his area. Has blogged since 2005. Can search topic on blog on his website. One-on on coaching. Help people identify repeating to-do’s. Right now his schedule is sparse, but one-on-one coaching. Take time to identify what are the things. There’s things you can do to be visible in the building, instead of being bogged down in your office with paperwork. He can talk about arriving early to get heavy work done. He can talk about how to structure the day so you’re not staying late. 


Key quotes…”life doesn’t have to be as hard as we sometimes make it”. It’s not “part of being a principal, superintendent”. There are systems that can make it easier. Apply right tool to the right job.

Find Frank online: Get on his email list. Go to frankbuck.org get on email list. Will get first copy of book out now, then ebook “Remember the mill”. It will show you how to fwd emails to right inbox. Send things into to-do list. His newsletter is about things he reads and wants to share out. Social media @drfrankbuck Twitter, IG, Pinterest. LinkedIn: drfrankbuck FB:drfrankbuck

People can also schedule training, coaching w/ him from this website.

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