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Episode #56: Chris Dodge

Episode #56:Chris Dodge (podbean.com)

Under Chris’ leadership, The Dexter Park Innovation School has moved to an inclusion school, servicing students through a co-teaching model of instruction.

Christopher Dodge is currently the Principal of The Orange Elementary Schools in Orange, MA, serving 500 students in grades PreK-6. He began his career as a grade 5 and 6 educator in Petersham, MA. Christopher’s passion as an educator included differentiating mathematics instruction for all students. Christopher is an advocate for adult and student’ social-emotional well-being, and the impact it has on student achievement. Christopher has served on the Board of Directors as the Elementary Committee Chairman for the Massachusetts School Administrators Association (MSAA).  He most recently served on the Commissioner’s Teaching and Learning subcommittee for reopening schools. He is a connected educator who utilizes social media to make family and community connections and is passionate about educators using social media as a form of ongoing, personalized professional development. He is also the coordinator of EdcampNQ in Orange, MA.


Follow Chris on Twitter: @PrincipalDodge1    IG: @PrincipalDodge1   School FB: @everychildeveryday1   Voxer: @Cdodge33 Chris’ blog: http://oesleadlearner.blogspot.com/


Find Justin online on LinkedIn Justin Goldston, PhD | LinkedIn  Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/P5Hm7goklsI

Find Steven on Twitter @guptonteaches View this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/r7GCCPhCTuI

Episode #54: Justin Goldston, Ph.D.

Currently, a professor of Supply Chain Management at Penn State, Justin has also given the TEDEx talk, “The Blockchain Effect” .

Justin Goldston, Ph.D., is a certified professional who has developed and executed a comprehensive supply chain strategic plan, resulting in optimal customer satisfaction and profitability for clients around the world. Experienced in consulting, planning and leadership roles while being knowledgeable of all aspects associated with Supply Chain Management, Agile Project Management, ERP implementations and business functions that are associated with relevant technologies.

Tell me about a timewhen you were in the trenches and managed to crawl out: (Justin) I think that my story is a little bit different. I think that one of the biggest times I felt that I was in the trenches was, whenever I wanted to make that shift into into higher education. I was nearing the end of my doctoral studies, and I was a management consultant. I was afraid, like most like many people, to make that shift, afraid of the unknown. I just made that transition, let the chips fall where they may. And I think that I was I was doubting myself, because I have a number of peers that, received their doctoral degrees and had a difficult time getting into higher education, although I was in adjunct roles, these roles don’t pay the bills.


Mark serves as a high school administrator in Newberg, Oregon, where his primary focus and respon

Find Rachelle online @ThriveinEDu  Twitter & IG: @Rdene915 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/THRIVEinEDU

Website: https://rdene915.com/ Podcast on Apple

Rachelle has a podcast, ThriveinEDU available at https://anchor.fm/rdene915

Her books are available at bit.ly/Pothbooks

She has a weekly show on LearningRevolution.com, ThriveinEDU

Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Ge0enKT0Zhg


Find Mark online at his website & Twitter & IG @heymarkbrown. Buy his book “Choose to be You” here. View this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/WmwS6uAiTVY

Episode #53: Rachelle Dené Poth

Rachelle Dené Poth is an #edtech consultant, presenter, attorney, author, & teacher. Rachelle teaches Spanish and STEAM: What’s nExT in Emerging Technology at Riverview Junior Senior High School in Oakmont, PA. Rachelle has a Juris Doctor degree from Duquesne University School of Law and a Master’s in Instructional Technology. She is a Consultant and Speaker, owner of #ThriveinEDU LLC Consulting. She serves as the past-president of the ISTE Teacher Education Network and serves on the Leadership team of the Mobile Learning Network. At ISTE19, she received the Making IT Happen Award and a Presidential Gold Award for volunteer service to education. She is also a #Buncee Ambassador, #Nearpod PioNear and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

Rachelle is the author of four books, ‘In Other Words: Quotes That Push Our Thinking,” “Unconventional Ways to Thrive in EDU” and “The Future is Now: Looking Back to Move Ahead,” Rachelle Dene’s latest book is with ISTE “Chart A New Course: A Guide to Teaching Essential Skills for Tomorrow’s World.” She has a new book coming out this summer, “Your World Language Classroom: Strategies for In-Person and Digital Instruction” (Routledge). Rachelle is a blogger for Getting Smart, Defined Learning, District Administration, NEO LMS, and the  STEM Informer with Newsweek. 

Episode # 52: Dr. TJ Vari & Dr. Joseph Jones

Dr. Joseph Jones​ is the Superintendent of the New Castle County Vocational-Technical School District in Delaware. Joe is a former high school social studies teacher, assistant principal, and principal. As principal, he was named the Delaware Secondary Principal of the Year and during his tenure, Delcastle Technical High School was the first high school to receive the state’s Outstanding Academic Achievement Award. He received his doctorate from the University of Delaware in educational leadership and was awarded the outstanding doctoral student award of his class. Currently, Joe works closely with local and state leaders on student achievement and accountability and has spearheaded an aggressive and successful campaign to ensure student success. Joe is also an adjunct professor, teaching and designing curriculum, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels for various universities. He presents nationally on topics of school leadership and is the co-founder of the leadership development institute, TheSchoolHouse302. Along with T.J. Vari, he co-authored Candid and Compassionate Feedback: Transforming Everyday Practice in Schools. And, with Salome Thomas-EL and T.J. Vari, he co-authored Passionate Leadership: Creating a Culture of Success in Every School as well as Building a Winning Team: The Power of a Magnetic Reputation and the Need to Recruit Top Talent in Every School.


Find TJ & Joe online: Twitter @tjvari @TSH302 @supt_jones FB: schooolhouse302 and visit their website: theschoolhouse302.com  View this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/k1kSwHjfezU


Episode #51: Amy Valentine

Amy Valentine has been called a social rabble rouser, a turnaround strategist and a fighter of the status quo in K-12 education. She has served as a teacher, trainer, administrator, and executive director overseeing networks of schools. Amy is a staunch supporter of educators, a believer in the promise of new technologies, and remains above all an irrepressible optimist on system-level change. She leads @Future of School, a national education organization, dedicated to bringing all kids’ learning opportunities into the 21st century. Amy has appeared onstage at DLAC and iNACOL and in dozens of panels, sharing insights on digital learning, equity and access. She calls herself an “education evangelist”.

Kai Valentine: Student guest, son of Amy Valentine, 7th grade student at Aspen View Academy (AVA), a charter school in Douglas County, CO, Enjoys playing basketball, baseball and swimming.

Tell a time you were in the trenches and managed to crawl out: First yr teaching High School. Did M.A. in Spanish and started teaching at a very young age. She was passionate about the language. Needed to be mature. She was going through alternative licensure. She was assigned the most challenging kids that year. Her most favorite student was actually the most challenging. Behavior kids-pulled self out of the trenches with the student- helped him do well, believed in him.  Was able to work with him. Was a memorable student. 8 years later connected with him as an adult. He’s now a lifelong connection. She didn’t judge him, but got into the trench with him.



Find Amy and Future of School online on Twitter: @amyvalentine555   @futureof_school
FB: Future of School Stories

Visit Future of School’s website: http://futureof.school View this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/rMZ1AJSYpaU


Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/8VPcYgK1WHQ


Episode # 50: Live Event Celebration!

Guests for this live event celebration were:

From episode # 5: Jen Molitor is a Speaker and Author of The Happy Teacher’s Handbook- From Overwhelmed to Inspired- Helping Teachers Embrace Resiliency. She is a first year principal at a 4th/5th grade campus in Ohio. Find Jen on Twitter @TeacherRenegade 

From Episode #31: Brad Hughes is an elementary school Principal in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Brad recently launched his own podcast “Good news, Brad news”, on anchor.. Follow him on Twitter @Brad_Hughes

From episode #34 joining us at 5 EST: Brandon Beck, Ed.D. is the Author of “Unlocking Unlimited Potential: Understanding the Infinite Power within to Guide any student toward success.” He has been a dual language teacher elementary teacher for 15 years in NY state. Follow him Twitter & IG @BrandonBeckEDU FB: Brandon Beck Visit his website: brandonbeckedu.com

From upcoming episode #63 (? TBD): Chris Dodge is currently the Principal of The Orange Elementary Schools in Orange, MA, serving 500 students in grades PreK-6. He is a connected educator who utilizes social media to make family and community connections,  & as a form of ongoing, personalized professional development. Follow him Twitter & IG @PrincipalDodge1

Episode # 49: Unlock the Middle

Dean Packard (L) and Chris Starczewski (R) are middle school principals in Dudley/Charlton, MA.

Unlock the Middle are proud middle school principals co-hosting a videocast  to celebrate and unlock all that is special about middle school. They are Chris Starczewski and Dean Packard and they live in Dudley/Charlton, MA. They get excited helping students, educators and parents learn and grow.

Chris Starczewski is the Principal of Dudley Middle School in Dudley, Massachusetts. He started out in Education in 1994. Taught math. He has three kids:  Brooke, Abigail & John and two dogs: Princess & Rocco.  In his spare time he likes to exercise, fish, read and find ways to become better.

Dean Packard is in his 28th year in education – 18th year at Charlton Middle School as an administrator.  He spent 10 years teaching history in high school, and coaching boys’ varsity basketball. He has also spent the last 18 years in administration at Charlton Middle School, 7 as an assistant principal and the last 11 as principal.


find Chris and Dean online on Twitter, FB, IG @unlockthemiddle  You can email them at: unlockingthemiddle@gmail.com & visit their website. Follow Chris and Dean individually on Twitter @CMSPrincipal1 @DMS_Leadlearner Their videocast, Unlock The Middle, airs live on Sunday nights at 8pm (EST) on Twitter (@UnlockTheMiddle), Facebook (@UnlockTheMiddle) and our YouTube Channel (Unlock The Middle).  Watch this episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/jwNUCB6ppjw

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