How to reset behavioral norms the last 2 months of school

All too often at this time of year, between spring break and the end of the year, with the temperature warming up and students getting antsy to have summer break, classroom expectations and norms go out the window. Often, teachers tend to ignore problematic behavior, hoping that the student(s) acting out are just “having a […]

Becoming a better teacher through professional learning

Recently, I came across a graphic on Twitter that put teachers and how they are as learners into 3 categories. Here is my perspective on where I have been throughout my career: When I first started teaching, I definitely fell into the “Unintentional” category, meaning I didn’t read EDU blogs, subscribe to educational journals, and […]

Inaugural post

April 3, 2017: My first blog post will address the question “Why did I decide to become an educational trainer?” After many years of teaching in a variety of settings (both high- and low-achieving districts, with minimal parental involvement to over-involved parents), I realized that I can incorporate my experiences in the classroom by training teachers, […]