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September 14, 2021by danagoodier0

Jen Molitor is the author of The Happy Teacher’s Handbook- From Overwhelmed to Inspired- Helping Teachers Embrace Resiliency

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Jen Molitor is a Speaker and Author of The Happy Teacher’s Handbook- From Overwhelmed to Inspired- Helping Teachers Embrace Resiliency. This upcoming school year, she is transitioning into her first principal role at a 4th/5th grade campus. Her most recent role was instructional coach in Clarksville, OH. As an educator for 19 years, Jen has enjoyed teaching in the classroom, as a gifted intervention specialist. The Happy Teacher’s Handbook, shares strategies for inspiring teachers to find a reason to stay and make their impact on the world, one class at a time.  Jen’s superpower is getting teachers to smile again. She brings a refreshing perspective that lifts you up when you want to walk out, reminding you of the real reason you became a teacher.  When Jen is not speaking, writing, or teaching, you can find her soaking up sun, hiking with her family, or caring for her many critters.

Her book outlines her journey out of the trenches and narrates her story. She started out as an excited teacher, but 6 years in, she became burnt out. When she gave birth to her first child, she took time off and was a nanny for a year. During that time, she got certified in nutritional therapy, worked 1/2 time with both. She had to choose whether to stay with nutrition or teaching. It came down to that teaching is in her DNA. She journaled and reflected. Once she returned 1/2 time to working in a school, Jen created an after-school gifted/talented club, and from there she became an instructional coach. Thereafter, she started her book.

Key Quotes:

“Teachers feel like victims, like things keep happening to them.”

“Being in the trenches doesn’t have to define you. You have the power to change the trajectory of your career. It may be going to another district.”

“The trench doesn’t have to hold you in. You can climb out.”

You can access chapter 1 of Jen’s book for free @ and follow Jen on Twitter @TeacherRenegade.  Also, there is a Happy Teachers Handbook Facebook page.

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