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August 31, 2017by danagoodier0

Now that we’re at least a few weeks into the school year, many of us teachers have gotten to know our students somewhat, established routines, assigned a test perhaps, and met with parents during open house. Many of us are too overwhelmed with our planning, assignment prep, grading, parent contact and classroom routines to even think about professional development at this point. However, it’s a great idea to view the PD options your district offers or confer with your administrator or instructional coach. The link below explains how teachers wear many hats and this experienced elementary special ed teacher uses some of her days for consulting and co-teaching.

I hope many of you have a peer you can rely on for support in your teaching, with either classroom management issues or anything else that would come up that is too challenging to handle on your own. We are need the support of one another, and this time of year is especially important to form those relationships not only with students but with colleagues. Teaching sometimes feels like a lonely profession, especially if you teach singleton classes or are part of a small department (which has been the case much of my career). Don’t hesitate to tweet me @danagoodier or email/comment to this post if you have specific questions at this point in the year and hesitate to ask someone you work with (or don’t have the support there).

We’re all in this together, don’t forget that! 



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