Nearing the end of the school year

April 30, 2017by danagoodier0


We’ve all been there, massive paper grading, students less than enthusiastic about learning for one more month, and deadlines to turn in grades looming. We all tell ourselves “we can do it” because in just             short days, we’ll be on summer break. If you’re anything  like me, you may be looking forward to summer break, but are looking for things to keep you occupied. Luckily, my school district hosts 4 days of PD every 1st week of June (and it’s all free). I also am looking forward to speaking at 3 conferences (maybe more, if other proposals are accepted) this summer. While other years, my family has made plans to travel far and wide (usually Europe), this summer we’re staying close to home, and in the process of planning camp activities for the kids.

I hope you’re also considering how YOU may want to spend your summer. Perhaps picking up a few graduate credits along the way for salary increment credit will entice you? Well, contact me if your school or district has staff days set aside for this summer or beyond, and you’d like to learn more about classroom management with Time To Teach®.

Good luck finishing up your classes and getting everything “wrapped up” as you end the school year. Take care of yourself during this stressful time, and get out there for a walk, or practice a sport you love!

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