Spring has sprung!

March 2, 2018by danagoodier0

When students are getting antsy with the warmer weather, longer days, and just a few weeks until spring break, it’s important to remember to keep ourselves energized (sometimes AS energized as our students) to have the tools to keep up with challenges that can arise this time of year. 

What are some ways we can incorporate breaks into our instruction if kids are getting antsy? Most of us have learned about brain breaks. Many elementary school teachers use brainpop.com where there are short 2-3 minute videos kids can dance along with. At the secondary level, a good idea for a brain break is incorporating mindfulness into the classroom. Since at this age, so many kids are stressed with expectations concerning academics, sports and other outside pressures (such as social media and bullying), the 3-15 minute mindfulness break may be the only time they truly have to unwind during the school day. Some sites that provide useful tools to incorporate mindfulness into your curriculum are: http://www.mindup.org,    https://www.simplemost.com/meditation-apps-kids-anxiety/,  and https://www.teachstarter.com/blog/classroom-mindfulness-activities-for-children/ . Try these out in your classroom when both you and your kids need a break from the spring craziness and find out how you can use tools in dealing with classroom management issues that tend to “ramp up” this time of year by looking at the “my services” page on my website! 

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